Dr Brian Tresidder, Dr Kimberly Spares and Dr Brian Johnson are all Canadian Chiropractic graduates. Canadian chiropractors study for eight years to complete a Bachelor Degree in Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr Brian Tresidder, BSc, Doctor of chiropractic

Dr Tresidder and his family have been involved in chiropractic since he was a young child. It was the great results he got as a young athlete that lead him into this wonderful profession. Dr Tresidder is well-known for the work he has done with various local athletes. Dr Brian and Dr Kimberly have both traveled to Africa to work as a volunteer at a Health Centre.

Dr Kimberly Spares, BSc, Doctor of chiropractic

Dr Spares first became involved in chiropractic when she was adjusted for various sports injuries as a gymnast. She wanted a career in a health profession and respected the chiropractic philosophy of natural health care. Dr Spares loves to works with families and enjoys watching people of all ages improve under chiropractic care.

Dr Brian Johnson, BSc, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Johnson was introduced to chiropractic through his involvement with long-distance running, and has a keen interest in helping athletes stay injury-free to achieve their goals. Dr Johnson is a strong believer in incorporating chiropractic care into an active lifestyle to help keep the body as healthy as possible.