"Couch Potato-to-5k" Running Programme - Thursday Evenings @ 6:30pm

Next session starts Thursday, October XXth, 2014 - Call Us to Reserve Your Spot TODAY!

Ever wanted to start running, but didn't know where to begin? Or tried to start before, but got frustrated and gave up? We can help!

All patients and members of the community are welcome to join our "Couch Potato-to-5k" running programme beginning at the end of February. This program is aimed at the absolute beginner, with no previous running experience necessary.

Over 9 weeks, our goal is to take our group from no running at all, to running a full 5k non-stop. The key to this programme is the use of a "run and walk" strategy to gradually improve endurance. Too many runners start out trying to run too far and too fast. When they feel tired too quickly, or are unable to cover the distance they were aiming for, frustration sets in and many give up.

The "Couch Potato-to-5k" programme works by incorporating walk breadks into the running sessions, with the participant gradually jogging more and walking less. For example, in the first week, we start with 1 minute of jogging, followed by 90 seconds of walking, repeating this for a total of 20 minutes. Each week, the running sections will get slightly longer, and the walking sections will get slightly shorter. By gradually working up to longer and longer amounts of running, the body naturally adapts and improves, without it ever feeling overly difficult.

Aside from the Thursday night group runs, participants run twice a week on their own time, following the programme provided. For those wishing to aim for a race at the end of the programme, we will look for a local 5k race to run together towards the end of our 9 weeks.

If you are interested in joining us for the "Couch Potato-to-5k" programme, please reserve your spot by calling us on (08) 8323 8696, or by dropping in to the clinic. Spaces will be limited to 35 runners, and the cost for the 9 weeks will be $35. All proceeds donated to our chosen charity, Make-A-Wish Australia.

If you need a copy of the running schedule, you can download it here.